Photoshop tutorials and actions

Action availableStar Filter
Simulate a 6-sided star filter, small, medium or large.
Action availableDynamic range increase
This action combines an overexposed image with an underexposed image to increase the dynamic range.
Action availableSmart sharpening
Sharpen your photos, but without the halo of unsharp mask.
Action availableNoise reduction
Eliminate digital and JPEG noise.
Action availableShrinking Depth-of-field
Focus attention on the subject by blurring unimportant parts.
Action availableRemoving CCD Flare Up
Digital cameras have the problem of "blooming" when the light intensity excedes the CCD or CMOS input levels. The bright light nearly always discolors surrounding pixels into reddish hues. My Nikon Coolpix 990 discolors the flare into pink or purple colors.
Action availableRemoving Red Eye
Remove the red/green/yellow eye that plagues smaller cameras.
Fix a boring sky
Replace the boring overcast sky with color!
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